These are exciting times for mobile gamers. In the next few months, several Android-based mobile gaming consoles will be heading our direction, with Ouya seemingly leading the way. Developers already received their special Ouya console units back in December, while shipment for regular customers is expected to commence in April.

Those who are interested in joining the Android gaming revolution better pay attention to what Ouya has posted on its Facebook page — especially if you want to receive the console unit in April. According to the post, the company is almost running out of Ouya consoles “for delivery in April 2013”. Customers are advised to buy the device “on or before Monday, February 4”.

Don’t sweat it if you’re still on the fence about making the investment now, as you can always grab Ouya at a later time. It’s just that the availability date for the next batch hasn’t been announced yet.

Waiting for your Ouya console to arrive? Still weighing the pros and cons? Let us hear your thoughts in the comments.

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