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Powrtabs are smartphone salvation

Having zero battery when you just need a bar a few % is one of modern life's most common annoyances. Powrtabs are the affordable solution.
June 27, 2017

You’re on a long drive and you breakdown by the highway. You want to ring for assistance and find out your phone is out of battery. Nightmare.

Ok not all low-battery scenarios sound like the start of a horror movie, but you know how annoying it is to be out of juice. If you could buy a chunk of power for just a few bucks you’d do it wouldn’t you? That’s where Powrtabs come in.

You’ll never be without charge again.

Powrtabs are small, lightweight disposable packets of charge for your device. Don’t get me wrong, these aren’t to replace your charger. They’re for the ‘emergency’ scenario. I use the inverted commas because they’re so cheap that you wouldn’t need much peril to use one. For example, imagine you meet a nice guy or gal in the club, but your phone’s dead! A Powrtab could let you take that number (and maybe a cheeky selfie).

These little power packs are as small and light as a packet of gum, so you can stick one in your work draw, one in your glove box, and one in your back pocket. You’ll never be without charge again. They’re also 100% recyclable so you needn’t feel guilty about binning them once they’re spent.

A 5-pack of these little beauties is usually $25. But to lure you in this week you can get a pack for just $20. And of course, there are separate Powrtabs for Android and iPhone.

Worth a few bucks to always be connected? Hit the button below to grab yours while they’re on offer.

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