Streaming media is a great way to use your tablet. Since it’s a portable device, a tablet can be carried around the home with ease, while leaving all of those media files in your main computer.

One of the several apps to let you do this is the new PowerDVD Mobile software. Designed for Honeycomb tablets, this app finds your video, music and photos on your PC and helps stream it over your local network. The main limitation to the streaming is that streaming remotely is not available yet.

To get this app up and running, you will need to have PowerDVD Ultra 11 installed on your PC and the PowerDVD Mobile app on your tablet. It doesn’t work on Android smartphones and there’s no Mac version of it. so you can only stream on PCs and tablets. The main purpose of the app us to stream media from a PC to any tablet in your network. It is also possible to stream between tablets, if both tablets have the app. A DLNA TV is also compatible with it. You can also use it to automatically send images from your table to your PC.

Having PowerDVD Ultra 11 installed on your PC is the main component, so you’ll have to go and buy it first. The Ultra pack, which has the complete package, costs $99.95 usually. The PowerDVD Mobile app is also included – but if you already have the Ultra pack, you can buy it separately for $19.99 on the Android Market.

Next you’ll have to set-up your home Wi-Fi network to include both your  PC and tablet.

Source: Gottabemobile

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