One of the best music players for Android just got a little bit better. In its most recent update, Poweramp added quite a few new features and improvements, including rich notifications support for those of us running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Initially released just over three years ago, Poweramp quickly gained users almost immediately. In its time in the Play Store, Poweramp has had over 15 million downloads for its free version, and 1 million downloads of the paid version.

While a large part of this most recent update is bug fixes, stability improvements and general polishing, Poweramp has added some important features as well. The previously mentioned rich notifications now allow music control directly from the notification pane on devices running Jelly Bean, audio in .flv format is now supported, and folder navigation can now extend to 10 levels deep.

In addition to the new features, several important improvements are included. Support for .wav and .wma files has been improved, support for more languages has been added, and widgets have been polished for several devices and ROMs.

Poweramp has long been a favorite among Android music apps, mostly thanks to its rich feature set. While most players only bother to support popular file formats like mp3 and aac, Poweramp supports almost any format you can think of, including lossless audio formats like flac. Poweramp also includes support for visual themes, lyrics support, and a 10-band graphic equalizer.

The developer of Poweramp has said that in the future, the app will continue to focus on what has made it popular so far: being a full-featured music player. Don’t expect video support or cloud streaming in Poweramp 3.0, just more features geared toward improving the music listening experience.

If you haven’t yet tried the app, check it out in the Google Play Store. The free version contains a 15-day trial of the full version. It’s worth noting that the developer has stated that users who buy Poweramp now will get version 3.0 for free.

Have you had a chance to try the latest update to Poweramp? What do you think of the new rich notifications support?

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