Power Matters Alliance

In the world of wireless charging, the atmosphere is changing quickly. There are two major governing bodies for wireless charging; the Alliance For Wireless Charging and the Power Matters Alliance. We recently told you about a vertical wireless charging technology the Alliance was working on, but Power Matters had their own major coup today.

Four major mobile device manufacturers have joined Power Matters, as well as one carrier. HTC, LG, Huawei, and Samsung have all joined, and AT&T has pledged to have wireless charging “by 2014”. Wireless charging is a technology we feel is long overdue, so these new members of Power Matters will hopefully continue to push the agenda further.

The biggest name, of course, is Samsung… but AT&T may be the most crucial. A consortium of manufacturers is great, in that they can find a common solution to work in all of their devices, but the carrier who pledges support is equally important. It’s carriers who are more likely, and in a better position, to give us wireless charging kiosks or stations. There is a trial at area Starbucks locations in Boston right now for wireless charging stations, but considering a wider roll-out is exciting.

With vertical charging, the idea is that a charging coil could be built into furniture, so a restaurant that partners with AT&T could turn each table into a charging table. Simply come in, set your device on the table, and it charges while you eat. Of course, this is all very new ground, but with so many companies jumping on board, we hope the time for wireless charging is sooner, rather than later.