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Potential Galaxy S5 software feature: multi-party conference call

A potential Galaxy S5 software feature, multi-party conference calling, has been described by Samsung in a document filed with the Korean Intellectual Property Rights Information Service.
November 26, 2013
Galaxy S5 multi-party conference call

In a document filed with the Korean Intellectual Property Rights Information Service (KIPRIS), Samsung describes a multi-party conference call software feature that could be found in the future on future Samsung devices, including the upcoming Galaxy S5.

While the documentation doesn’t mention the Galaxy S5, it certainly makes sense to assume that such a calling feature will be available on Samsung’s upcoming flagship handsets should Samsung develop it. First of all, we’re clearly looking at a calling feature for Android devices, considering the image renders presented in the document.

Secondly, Samsung keeps coming up with new software features for its Galaxy S and Galaxy Note devices, so a multi-party conference call option makes plenty of sense considering that Samsung is certainly interested in competing with similar services from the competition including iMessage/FaceTime and even Hangouts, which is still a competing chatting alternative on Samsung Android devices. After all, Samsung has just added SMS and MMS support to its ChatON instant messaging service, bringing it on par with iMessage and Hangouts in this regard. Furthermore, since ChatON does offer video calling support, it would be logical to assume that at some point it may offer multi-party video calling features.

Galaxy S5 multi-party conference call

According to these images, the user interface of this unnamed multi-party conference call feature includes the option to end the call, mute the microphone, take advantage of both cameras of the phone and switch cameras. Of course, for now this is only a visual representation that could very well change in the future.

Sadly, details about how the feature would work aren’t offered in the document submitted by Samsung (see second Source link below). However, the document identifies Samsung as the company that submitted the application, and reveals the document has been filed in late July.

We’re still months away of the Galaxy S5’s launch, and we can only assume that the rumor mill will start churning out more Galaxy S5-related rumors as we get closer to its official announcement, but this multi-party video chat feature certainly seems like something Samsung would come up with for a flagship device.