You may love it or you may hate it–but QWERTY Android smartphones still have their market. The latest one said to be heading to Sprint is a Motorola device, codenamed “Pax.”

Tech blog This is my next (TIMN) acquired new leaked photos of the Motorola Pax which TIMN describes as an “XPRT on steroids,” apparently because of the dual-core processor and support for Sprint’s new CDMA 1X Advanced Push-to-Talk system. Sprint just recently launched the Motorola XPRT, a QWERTY device sporting only a 1.0-GHz, single-core Texas Instruments OMAP3 processor.

The Motorola Pax’s form is reminiscent of the BlackBerry form factor–a rectangular block, half of which is the display screen and the other half, the physical QWERTY keyboard. A lot of people still prefer the presence of a physical keyboard, especially those working in the corporate world, because of the relative speed and accuracy that a physical keyboard provides to the user.

Most of the current monoblock QWERTY Android devices (e.g., Motorola XPRT, HTC Status, Motorola DROID Pro, and the like) can hardly be described as “powerful” in the same sense as when that word describes the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S II, but such QWERTY smartphones do have their ardent followers. Yet, the Motorola Pax seems to raise the bar one notch higher with its dual-core processor–and maybe several notches higher, too, if it cranks up its pixel resolution a bit (say, 800×480) while maintaining more or less the same screen size.

Aside from indications that the Motorola Pax might be carrying Android 2.3 Gingerbread, very little else is known about it.

Assuming the Motorola Pax goes to Sprint at a with-contract price of, say, 175 dollars–would you grab it?

Image credit: This is my next