That’s right, Portal 2 fans and Android handset owners, you heard it right, Portal 2’s Wheatley robot is now available for purchase in Google Play for just $1 as a live wallpaper app. All you have to do is head on to Google’s app store and get it.

Once you install it on your Android handset, you’ll have the robot’s omnipresent eye following your every (finger) move on the device, although that’s pretty much all that Space Robot LiveWallpaper has to offer (that’s actually the name of the app in Google Play). Fret not though, as more features are promised by the developer for future updates.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus handset owners should make sure they follow these instructions after purchasing the live wallpaper in order for it to work properly:

It’s known that most live wallpapers will be slow on stock launcher (on some version of the galaxy nexus). The quick solution now will be using other launchers and turn on the Force GPU in developer mode.

In case Wheatley doesn’t mean much to you then it means you haven’t really played Portal 2, one of the best first-person puzzle computer games out there, where Wheatley the funny robot likes to hang out most of the time. Nevertheless, the live wallpaper app may be an interesting choice even for those Android users that have not experienced the Portal universe yet.