A rather interesting iPhone 5 case has recently surfaced on indiegogo. And keeping in mind, this case is still in the development stage and that it currently is being aimed only at the iPhone — we still encourage you to read on because it actually seems rather interesting. In other words, we are hoping to see this case, or something similar launch for some Android handsets.

That said, the case is called popSLATE, and the words that make up the name will make a bit more sense once you realize what this case has and what it can do. For starters, aside from being a case, the popSLATE has a 4-inch E-ink display on the backside. Hence the slate.

In short, this is a case that adds a second display to your phone. And for those worrying, given this is E-ink, it should use very little of your already precious battery life. The display can be used for a wide variety of things and according to details provided, you can “pop just about anything to the back of your phone.” Hence the pop.

Some of the uses cases include pictures, notifications, maps, calendar items and even a list of items, say, talking points for a speech or presentation. The case will work in conjunction with a popSLATE app running on your phone. You can even send things to friends that are also using the popSLATE app and case. Otherwise, the case will add some weight and size to your phone. In this case it will be about 75 grams and measurements of 5.35 x 2.56 x 0.54 inches.

All said and done, we are not sure how many people actually want something like this, however this indiegogo campaign still has 47 days remaining and has already reached just over $67,000 towards their goal of $150,000. So how about it, anyone want something like this for their Android handset, maybe a Galaxy S3 or a Galaxy Note 2?

Robert Nelson
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