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PopBot app for Android: Identifying and recording songs from Internet radio stations

May 4, 2012

Radio stations may offer the freshest songs but having to put up with the DJ’s chatter can be frustrating. If a song comes on and you find yourself bobbing your head and tapping your foot to the beat, you might know the title but purchasing it is another story. What if you fall in love with not just one song but ten? You’ll have to comb the Internet to find them, and your wallet might take a direct hit when you have to pay up to enjoy your new favorite tracks. In ye olde days, before MP3s, teenagers used to record songs they heard on the radio to cassette tapes. Here’s an app that functions just like that, just without the cassette tape and without so much work.

Let me introduce PopBot. PopBot is primarily an Internet radio app but what makes PopBot truly shine is how it saves the songs you hear on the channel you’re locked on to. This app connects to any radio station and records all songs. Don’t worry, because unlike the yesteryears where teenagers had to skillfully cut off their recording before the DJ started talking again or risk getting a few seconds of annoying babble, PopBot doesn’t include any of that talk or any of the advertising that comes with it.

As an Internet radio player, PopBot allows you to select from thousands of radio stations from all over the world. When you’re locked on to a radio channel that you like, PopBot will work tirelessly in the background. The awesome tracks you hear on your radio station of choice? They’ll be on your phone within a day. What if the station you’re locked on to repeats the same song several times in the day? No problem, PopBot will figure out which version is the best and keep the best copy for you.

An app as powerful as PopBot has to eat up your battery life really quickly, right? PopBot is set up to minimize the consumption of battery and 3G data. The normal setting is for PopBot to run only in the background when you’re both connected to Wi-Fi and plugged into a battery charger. Have PopBot save songs while you’re asleep and wake up to enjoy a bunch of new songs. PopBot will first analyze the radio station before it starts recording songs. It isn’t unusual for PopBot to take one or two days before it starts recording. The longer you’re locked onto that channel, less-popular songs will be saved. That means you can enjoy less-than-mainstream tunes in addition to what everyone else is listening to.

You can opt to have PopBot save songs while it plays the radio station or you can opt to mute PopBot but it will still work to save songs from the radio station. PopBot also continues to save songs while you listen to its previously recorded tracks. How great is that? You can toggle between radio Internet player and music player. To make things interesting, PopBot allows you to save your favorite radio stations. Switch between them every few days so you get a variety of new music to suit your every mood.

Since PopBot is still under development, there may be a few bugs. Some songs, for example, may not be flawlessly saved.

Start enjoying fresh music today. PopBot is available for free on the Google Play Store.