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Polaroid's Polamatic: Because we absolutely need yet another photo app

Polaroid's Polamatic comes with 36 Polaroid frames, a handful of filters, and the ability to add captions and share photos. Are you willing to pay the $0.99 price tag?
July 4, 2013
Polaroid camera

Do we need another photography app with frames and filters? Polaroid thinks so.

Who would have thought Polaroid still exists? Now, they would want to remind Android users about their iconic cameras through an app called Polamatic. Good news for those who can’t get enough of those faux-retro photo effects and the host of photo filters available now through the multitude of apps like Instagram.

Polamatic photography
Polamatic is not just a photo editing app, though. It is also a camera app that can capture photos through your device’s main or front camera. The app’s camera interface also features a number of visual effects.

But what’s a photo app without bells and whistles? Polamatic comes with 36 Polaroid frames, a handful of filters, and the ability to add captions and share photos. These are not ordinary frames, though. Polaroid says these are not computer-generated, but are high quality scans of new and vintage authentic Polaroid picture frames. There are 20 unique photo effects available. Photo captions can be written in a variety of fonts and with additional customizations.

Photos edited with Polamatic can be saved at a high resolution of 2,282 x 2,771 pixels (about 5 megapixels). They can also be cropped within Polaroid’s classic border.

Just like other photography apps, Polamatic also has its own image gallery, which lets you view your shots without the need to exit the app. The interface also allows for quick access to sharing or editing.

Available for iOS for about a year now, Polamatic is debuting for Android. You can say that the app is not really that late to the party led by Instagram and its kin. But Polamatic comes at a $0.99 price tag, which users on the hunt for free apps might find disappointing.

Apart from Instagram, there are several other alternative Android apps that also offer similar retro effects and implement photo filters. Cymera, for example, is a free Android camera app with a greater number of features including photo filters and effects. It can even take photos quietly without requiring a rooted phone.

Polaroid’s foray into the mobile platform through Polamatic is not something you would consider undesirable, although it is almost unnecessary especially with its price tag. But I know a few Polaroid junkies out there who would still spend ten bucks for a box of Polaroid paper even when they already have smartphones and digital cameras. Will Polamatic’s $0.99 price tag be the better alternative?