Traditional digital cameras are dead, long live “smart” cameras! That’s not exactly the case for the time being, but it might well be in a very short while. And that’s because Polaroid is now the official third player to get in on the Android-powered point and shoot fun.

That’s right, the Polaroid IM1836 that got leaked just a few days ago has had its existence confirmed by Scott Hardy, the President and CEO of the company. Okay, maybe Hardy didn’t exactly say that particular Android-based cam exists, but he did state “there will be an Android powered, interchangeable lens camera introduced by Polaroid at CES 2013”.

Polaroid’s CEO wasn’t particularly chatty beyond that statement, saying just that “additional information and specs will be released during the show”. Well, guess what, we already have a pretty good idea of the camera’s specs.

We “know”, based on “sources”, that the IM1836 will feature an 18.1 MP sensor, we know that it will sport a 3.5-inch touchscreen, and we also know there’ll be a few other goodies there, like microSD support, WiFi connectivity and HDMI output.


Android 4.0 ICS is thought to be spicing up the package (although deep inside we’re still hoping to see some Jelly Bean butter), while the actual camera will come with a blink detection feature, panorama mode, pop-up flash and 30-110 mm lens.

There are still a few major question marks, particularly the screen’s resolution (don’t hold your breath for Full HD), the processor, RAM and the on-board storage, but all in all this looks like it could be a worthy opponent for Nikon’s 1 J2 point and shooter.

The Samsung Galaxy Camera will probably still seem like something from another galaxy, but maybe Polaroid will do a better job in making this new kind of  gagdet accessible to the masses with a more sensible price tag. If you’re the least curious about that, get back to us around January 8, when CES is set to kick off.