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With 2016 in full swing, we’re looking forward to a number of bleeding-edge handsets that will be hitting the market over the next several months. Chief among them are the Samsung Galaxy S7 family and the LG G5. The former line brings refined aesthetics and improved performance, while the latter introduces a completely revamped look, alongside the introduction of a unique modular design.

Both handsets are very powerful and highly attractive in their own right, though they offer very different takes when it comes to design. Regardless, it’s important to protect your investment and that’s where a quality case comes into play.

The great thing about most of the major case makers is that their product lines carry over to multiple different handsets, so if there’s a particular model of case you like, odds are it will support your new device. Two case series we recommend checking out are the Affinity and Revolution, both from Poetic.

Poetic Affinity series


The Poetic Affinity series is a great option for those looking for great protection that doesn’t detract from the natural out-of-box beauty of your handset.

On the back you’ll find clear polycarbonate molded with your choice of black or clear TPU, which provides a design that not only lets your back panel shine through, it’s also more than capable of taking a drop or two without skipping a beat. For those who find the LG G5 or Galaxy S7/Edge a bit too slippery, you’ll also want to take note of the rigid edges that help you hold the phone firm without worrying about dropping your expensive new handset. Speaking of grip, the TPU on the back protrudes out ever so slightly, making it fit much more firmly in the hands.

Rear and side protection is a great thing to have, but what about the front of the device? Thankfully, Poetic has you covered here too, as the Affinity series even has a lip that covers the front of the device. This is a key part of the case’s design because it provides a barrier between your display and the surfaces you set it on, cutting back on the chances that you’ll accidentally scratch the front glass when you set it down.


As you’d expect from a quality case, Poetic also takes care to ensure that all cuts for ports, microphones, and fingerprint scanners (in the case of the G5’s rear scanner) fit perfectly without being too loose or too snug.
Probably one of the best part of the Affinity series is that it offers great looks and protection for only $10. That’s not a bad asking price at all.

Poetic Revolution series


The Affinity is designed to provide you slim yet reasonably durable protection that doesn’t get in the way of the natural looks of your phone. Of course, some people want something a bit more rugged, and that’s where the Revolution series comes into play.

The Revolution is a two-part case. First, we have the back case that provides protection from scuffs, scratches, and drops. As for the build materials for this back part of the case? The rear portion of the Revolution is made from a combination of polycarbonate and TPU materials. There’s even an inner mylar sheet for extra shock and drop protection. That means this case won’t just keep your phone from physical damage, but will also help prevent internal damage as well.


The second part of the case is a built-in screen protector for the phone that has a raised bezel that further helps protect the display in the event it gets dropped. Sometimes these types of built-in protectors are actually more of a pain than a benefit, but thankfully Poetic does a good job here for all these upcoming devices and so you won’t need to use any extra force to register taps. The display here is very responsive and you won’t need any other film or tempered glass screen on the inside.

When the two parts are combined, we get a case that can really handle a few knocks. It’s also dust and water resistant with special flaps around the port to help keep water and dust out. Now keep in mind that this doesn’t mean you can drop your phone into the water without a single worry, but it does mean that you have a bit of resistance against rain and splashing that you wouldn’t have otherwise (unless you have a Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge, which happen to be waterproof already).

Pricing for the Revolution series is a bit higher than the Affinity, but not dramatically so, at just $15. That also happens to be significantly cheaper than similar cases, like those from Otterbox.

While there are tons of cases out there, Poetic is certainly one of the best brands when it comes to design, durability, and value. They even provide a 3-year warranty on all their new cases from authorized dealers. They also constantly improve on their design and functionality based on user feedback and reviews so don’t be shy to let them know on twitter, facebook and instagram.

What do you think of the Affinity and Revolution series? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments.