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This smartphone tripod is the size of a credit card

This portable tripod for your smartphone fits in your wallet and actually looks cool instead of making you seem like... you know... a selfie stick person.
December 6, 2016

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Sure, it’s great that you have all these smartphone accessories, but how portable are they really? You’ve got to plan ahead if you’re going to be hauling along a selfie stick or – God forbid – an actual tripod.

That’s what makes Pocket Tripod such an elegant solution. You can literally just slip it into your pocket and forget about it until you need it.

It’s an idea that’s so natural and obvious that even Steve Wozniak was smacking his forehead over it:

Why didn’t someone do this before… What a great idea that I wish I’d thought of. I put one of them in my backpack so it’s always with me… Great project. Never would have come about without a great deal of creativity and desire to do something different… I never had thought that something like that could be done.

The Pocket Tripod is exactly what it sounds like. The durable construction and clever ‘unfolding’ capability means you can have it on your person at all times, easily within reach for those unexpectedly photogenic moments.


It transforms from a credit-card-like shape into a tripod with a simple twist and flip action and can sweet 90 degrees from four different mounted positions, landscape or horizontal.

Pocket Tripod started as a crowdfunded project, and the concept received an enthusiastic response. The creators actually funded about twice as much as their campaign goal.

Normally you might expect to pay as much as $104 for a quality smartphone tripod. Hell, if you’re really willing to break the bank, some are going for as much as $550.


Pocket Tripod only costs $25 normally, but the company is currently having a sale that knocks 20% off that. If you’re looking for an ideal stocking stuffer or a nice gift for yourself this holiday season, look no further!

Click the button below to grab your own Pocket Tripod for just $19.99, and stop letting those photographic moments go to waste!

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