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Popular iOS game, Pocket Planes, makes its way over to Android

It seems like every time we turn around an iOS exclusive is finding its way over to Android. The newest app to get the port treatment is NimbleBit's popular airline management simulator, Pocket Planes. The game has been out for the Apple crowd since June and has managed to attract 2.4 million downloads in that short period of time.
September 25, 2012
Pocket Planes

Pocket Planes

It seems like every time we turn around an iOS exclusive is finding its way over to Android. The newest app to get the port treatment is NimbleBit’s popular airline management simulator, Pocket Planes.

The game has been out for the Apple crowd since June and has managed to attract 2.4 million downloads in that short period of time. What is Pocket Planes all about? Basically, the game gives you a virtual airline that you must manage, starting from the ground up. You can expand your airline company and add better planes and jets along the way.

The idea of a management sim might not sound or look that exciting, but the game is actually rather addicting. This simulator features very simple graphics, but that’s not the point. Management and simulation games of this style don’t really need to rely on pretty special effects and 3D to keep you engaged.

Now for the bad news. Some Google Play users have reported issues with major bugs in this port, including  a bug where passengers disappear in midflight, affecting payment to your virtual airline. Other glitches include game notifications crashing and freezing your phone, though this bug seems less common and might only apply to specific Android devices. It’s also worth noting that you will need an always-online connection when playing, which could be a dealbreaker for some.

Pocket Planes is a good game, but it remains to be seen if this port can manage to fix the annoying bugs currently plaguing it. For those willing to overlook the current bugs, the game is totally free and available now through Google Play.


DeNA Co., Ltd. (TSE: 2432) and NimbleBit LLC, the critically acclaimed studio behind Tiny Tower and Pocket Frogs, have launched the airline simulation game, Pocket Planes for Android devices via the Mobage™ social entertainment network. Released on Apple® iOS devices in June 2012, Pocket Planes has been downloaded more than 2.4 million times and presented the Editor’s Choice award on the Apple App Store™. Pocket Planes follows NimbleBit’s hit tower-building sim Tiny Tower, which has been downloaded more than 13.5 million times for iOS and Android devices since its launch in June 2011.

“NimbleBit is an incredibly innovative developer that continues to raise the bar for engaging and fun simulation experiences on mobile devices. We are extremely excited to partner with them to distribute Pocket Planes to the massive network of gamers on Mobage,” said Neil Young, Director of DeNA® and CEO of DeNA’s U.S. subsidiary ngmoco®, LLC.

“We’re happy to announce Pocket Planes will now be at the fingertips of millions of Android gamers across the Mobage network,” said Ian Marsh, co-owner of NimbleBit. “Not only has Mobage helped streamline the publishing process, but we have seen a tremendous amount of success expanding the reach of last year’s launch of Pocket Frogs on Android devices through the network.”

In Pocket Planes, gamers take to the skies as they fly beloved and whimsical 8-bit characters and cargo to more than 250 cities around the globe. Players manage and build upon their fleet of aircraft with tiny prop planes and jumbo jets, and pave the flight line to success as they grow their small town airport into a bustling international hub of travel. Gamers can customize planes, choose their pilots’ outfits, trade plane parts and compete in worldwide group events for fame and fortune across the Mobage network.

Pocket Planes is available now through the Mobage social entertainment network for free on Android devices and can be downloaded here:

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