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While end-users are clamoring over Jelly Bean, developers are busy making their apps compatible with Android’s latest software iteration. The payoff should be worthwhile, given how in-demand the Nexus 7 tablet is; and to a certain extent the Galaxy Nexus is also seeing a surge of interest amongst customers. These are two devices that officially run Jelly Bean. One app that has just received Jelly Bean’s seal of compatibility is Pocket for Android – previously known as Read It Later.

Pocket 4.1.2 can now be downloaded on Google Play Store. Along with Android 4.1 support, it also comes with a slew of bug fixes. The developer of the app has provided the following change log:

  • White flash/flicker when opening an article in the Dark Theme
  • Tile View not adjusting to rotation properly on tablets
  • Text selection issues in Jelly Bean
  • Long pressing a list item in Jelly Bean opened the article instead of showing actions
  • A crash when cancelling sharing
  • PNG image files were not downloading for offline use
  • Tag button no longer has jagged edges on some devices
  • Other minor issues and crashes

For the uninitiated, Pocket collates any article links and videos you come across on your browser and over 300-third party Android and iOS apps for later viewing in a visually pleasing layout – even when you go offline.  Check out Pocket on Google Play to find out why the free app has been dubbed as the “DVR for the Web”.

Bams Sadewo
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