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Pocket Updates to 5.0: Everything you need to know

Pocket is an application that lets you save content on your phone for later viewing. The app has just been updated to Pocket 5 and here is our review.
November 20, 2013
Pocket is a wonderful application where you can save content from the internet to your device for future viewing. These include articles, videos, and pretty much whatever else you need. Developers have just released an update and Pocket 5 is now available for download. This is our review. To watch the video, click the video above or keep reading for the written review.

Pocket 5 official review


Pocket has been out for a bit now and most people already know what it does so we’re going to focus on the new features. The biggest new improvement is a feature called Highlights. Highlights is a function that will help you mow through your unread content and bring the stuff that may interest you the most to the top.

This is actually extremely handy. Highlights will look at you consume the most and use those stats to put items you may like toward the top. It sorts them by long reads, which are 1500 or more word articles, short reads which are 300 or less, the best items, and items that are directly related to what you read most often.

Other improvements include a revamped interface that looks clean and helps you move around the app with more ease. Also included is the new bulk edit feature, which lets you archive, delete, or re-tag multiple items at once.

Pocket 5 review

How can I use this?

So how can you use this? Well with Pocket, it’s always been easy to grab stuff on the internet and put it in your Pocket for quick reference later. With this mammoth update, it allows you to engage in more of that content with less effort. If you’re one of the many that are really behind, the new features will help you consume and organize your content in a way that’ll help you get through it.

Pocket 5 Android apps

The good

So here’s what we liked.

  • The new interface is clean and organized. It’s easy to move around the interface and getting to various categories. This is a dramatic improvement.
  • Highlights is awesome. It may take a minute to get your personal reading habits down, but once it does, it will organize your articles for you so you can consume what you want when you want.
  • Bulk edits help you clean up and organize things much faster. This may not be so helpful to people who are up to date, but people who have hundreds of articles backed up will love this.

The bad

In terms of what we didn’t like, it was tough to do because there wasn’t anything overly wrong with this app. Fans of the channel know I don’t say that very often. That said, there are a few very small things in the interface that were a little off.

  • In the articles view, you can’t swipe between the My List and the Archive tabs. On larger phones or tablets, this means reaching up to tap the tabs manually.
  • Also the fonts in Dark Mode could use a little touch up. The dark gray text in the Archive and My List text are only a couple of shades darker than the theme itself and it makes it hard to read.

Pocket 5 dark theme review

Final thoughts

Nitpicks aside, the new Pocket is everything you could possibly ask it to be. The new interface makes it so much easier to move through the app and get to the content you want. The highlights feature does a great job of sorting through all your stuff to find the content you want.

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There is virtually nothing wrong with this app and we liked that. If you haven’t yet, we highly recommend the new Pocket.