Plex, the popular media server application, has just received a major update on Android. Version 4.0 brings a revamped user interface with Material Design enhancements, support for Plex Home, and increased access to Android TV.

The first big change you’ll notice upon launching the app is a redesigned interface and a completely redone home screen. The redesign brings the app closer to Plex’s new modern interface which makes server selection and content discovery much easier.

The Plex team has also added in full support for Plex Home, which makes it easier to switch between users in your Home and protect your account with a PIN. Additionally, Android TV access is getting expanded to more users. In the past, the Android TV interface was only available to those who subscribed to a Plex Pass, but now if you’d like to use the interface, you’ll be able to pay a one-time in-app purchase to get access.

If you’re interested, here’s the full changelog for the 4.0 update:

  • Redesigned home dashboard.
  • Plex Home support for managed users and fast user switching.
  • Don’t require activation when playing media flung from other devices.
  • [Android TV] App can now be activated with a Plex Pass enabled account -OR- an in-app purchase.
  • Fix crash when selecting the ‘already paid’ option on the welcome screen.
  • Fix crash scrolling on the home screen immediately after a pull-to-refresh operation.

If you have yet to grab the update, be sure to head to the Play Store link below.

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