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Deal - 25% off Plex Pass Lifetime!

We've got a promo code that gets you a lifetime subscription to Plex Pass for just $90, but the promotion ends tomorrow.
November 21, 2019
Plex Pass Live TV 2019
Due to the abundance of streaming services and media sources available nowadays, it’s becoming a nuisance to keep track of everything. However, with Plex, you can take control of them all in one convenient spot, plus enjoy a wealth of other perks. 

This ultimate media hub allows you to store all your media files, including music, movies, and photos, into the app. It magically scans and organizes your files, automatically sorting your library neatly and beautifully. 

Even downloaded shows from your favorite streaming services can be integrated. That means you can combine the movies you download from Netflix, the music from Amazon Prime, and your favorite photos all in one user-friendly dashboard.

Save your movies, music, and photos to the Plex app and take them on the go.

In addition to your media collection, you’ll get access to tons of additional digital content that seamlessly integrates with your library, such as web shows, podcasts, and news. Plex is compatible with a range of devices including Chromecast, Android phones, Xbox One, Amazon Alexa, and even Oculus Go.

Also, as long as you have an antenna and a compatible tuner, you can cut the cord and keep all of your over-the-air TV for free. Plex’s simplified program guide and powerful search let you find, watch, and record local TV, web shows, sports, and podcasts

Why you want PlexPass

Plex Pass Trailers Extras 2019

Plex is considered by many to be a really great experience. The free version by itself is great. But, if you’re serious about having your media organized and made available on your big screens with a truly VIP experience, Plex Pass takes it to the next level.

Get coveted features like being able to see trailers,  the ability to record free HD broadcast channels right to your library–including local news and sports–then watch your recordings on any device, anywhere. Enable user guest management (share your media with friends and family!), and much more. 

  • Mobile Sync lets you sync your movies, shows, music, and photos to your mobile devices for offline enjoyment 
  • Enjoy a theater-like experience with Cinema Trailers before you watch, plus all the extras you want—cast interviews, behind-the-scenes features, and much more
  • Record and watch broadcast TV for free with an antenna and tuner.
  • Plex Pass also features perks including discounts to Tidal and other services.
Plex Pass Advanced Audio 2019

This limited-time deal makes a lifetime subscription to Plex Pass just $90. The retail value is $120, so you’re saving 25% off retail when you use the promo code PLEX4LIFE during the signup process. Think of how awesome it would be to combine all of your streaming services in one convenient place.  Don’t make the mistake of buying a monthly or an annual pass. Trust us – it’s well worth it to get a Plex Lifetime Pass! 

This deal ends tomorrow, so hit the button below before it’s gone.

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