Are you a sports fan? Are you a sports fan that is addicted to social media? If so, then PlayUp is quite possibly the best app for you.

With access to 9 different sports and well over 28,000 live games you and your friends will never miss a game again. Basketball, football (soccer), hockey, cricket, baseball, AFL, Rugby League, football (American), and Rugby Union are all on PlayUp’s list of live sports at your disposal. So without further ado, let’s jump into PlayUp.

Design and Usability

At first glance, the app looks very nice and tidy. All the text is easy to read, but not in your face, and it’s easy to see which games are live at a given moment. In the top right corner, you have easy access to your PlayUp profile. Here, you can easily sync your Facebook and/or Twitter account(s) with the app. Furthermore, you have pages with all of your notifications, direct messages, sports, and friends.

Once you have chosen a sport and league, PlayUp displays all of the games that are scheduled for today. You can easily change the date and see games that are scheduled for any day of the season. Furthermore, you can bookmark your favorite sports and leagues for easy access on the home page. Now that you have chosen a league and a scheduled game, your favorite team’s of course, you can see the live score at the top of the page and all of the social interactions at the bottom.

More specifically, under the score there is a live feed displaying all the fans that are talking about the game. In addition, you can create your own public or private hangout for you and your friends. Once you are inside a hangout, you can invite your friends from Facebook and/or Twitter. Finally, once your friends have entered, let the chatter begin. Exchange messages in real time with everyone in the hangout.














Web App

Instead of restricting PlayUp to just Android and iOS, the developers took it one step further with a web app. You can use PlayUp from your computer, just like you can on your Android device. Every game and every discussion can be found at Simply login with your Facebook or Twitter credentials, and you are set to be social. Another benefit of having access to a web application is that you are always able to access PlayUp from any computer that has an internet connection.


PlayUp is certainly an awesome way to enjoy sports, with your friends. In addition, it is completely free in Google Play and looks fantastic on any device. With 9 sports and over 28,000 live games, there will never be a dull moment in PlayUp. You can download the app from Google Play free here or stick around and hear how the PlayUp CEO responded to our quick interview questions below.

CEO Interview

Dennis Lee, CEO, PlayUp USA

1.Tell us a little bit about yourself, and how you got into Android development.

 At PlayUp, we’re committed to changing and enhancing the way sports fans experience sports.  By developing on Android, hardcore and casual sports fans alike are able to connect, chat and engage with each other over their favorite sports action.

2. What initially attracted you to the Android platform? 

 With Android, we are able to provide unique experiences to our users.  Because of the breadth of Android’s ecosystem, with multiple handset manufacturers and carriers, we are offered flexibility in our development to pick and choose features we feel will make the most impact to our user base.

3. How did you come across the idea behind the PlayUp app?

 We, like all sports fans, love to talk about sports…it’s really about all we do each day.  What really makes an impact is seeing how our knowledge and opinions match up against other sports fans across the world.  This is the power of PlayUp.  This is what excites and motivates us to keep doing what we’re doing.

4. How many people did you have working on the development of the PlayUp app?

 With all that we’ve put out, I’m shocked our team isn’t double what it is today. With the hours our staff puts in, I’m extremely proud of what we’ve been able accomplish thanks to the dedication of our staff.

5. What are some of the other apps you have created and how did you market those applications?

 Right now, PlayUp is what we have available to market.  We’re working both on exciting apps to come, but more importantly features within the PlayUp app…really building the value to users, partners and developers alike.

6. When you first started learning development for Android what were some of the obstacles you had to overcome?

Android offers so much in terms of capability.  Really, it was not letting scope creep get in the way of launching. With much we want to achieve, it’s a constant battle to get as much out with the time available.  In short, Android allows our creative minds to flow…and trust me…we come up with some totally awesome stuff.

7. What does it take to make a great app?

Knowing what you want to achieve and sticking with it.  There’s so much out there…it’s really hard to differentiate yourself.  At PlayUp, that’s why we’re committed to such a big and lofty goal…committing to changing and enhancing the way sports fans experience sports.  We’re here to make an impact.

8. What do you recommend for new developers?

If you’re looking to attract sports fans, look out for what’s to come from PlayUp.  We’re building tools that will make development much much easier.