Gen Game

Sony’s PlayStation Mobile will be open for business on the Android platform from October 3. It’s basically a section in the PlayStation Store which Sony will use to sell a hand-picked selection of “bite-sized games” for Android smartphones and tablets.

It will work on PlayStation Certified Android devices including the majority of Sony’s Xperia line-up and also the PlayStation Vita. Sony has also announced a few partners that will release PlayStation Certified devices at some point – so far we have HTC, Fujitsu, Sharp, ASUS, and Wikipad.

We learned a few PlayStation Mobile details last month, including the fact that the new service will launch with 30 games. We now know it will launch in Japan, USA, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Australia on October 3 and the games will cost between 50 yen and 850 yen (that’s about 40 pence or 60 cents and £6.70 or $10.90).

Following up the release there’s also the news that the PlayStation Mobile SDK will roll out in November and you can get a developer license for an annual fee of $99.99. Developers like THQ and Team 17 have already signed up to develop content for the service and they’re sure to be joined by a new wave of indies when the SDK is made available.

Any game purchases you make will be tied to your PlayStation Network ID so you’ll actually be able to buy a game once and then play it on any PlayStation Certified device you own.

It will be interesting to see what the games are, especially those developed by Sony and other major game development studios.