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PlayStation 4 to be controlled by (Android?) smartphone, tablet; release date set for November

A new report seems to confirm that the Sony PlayStation 4 will come with support for smartphones and tablets, but doesn't specifically mention Android.
February 20, 2013

A short while ago we heard that with PlayStation 4, which Sony will unveil later today, will not be all about the hardware. Instead Sony will focus on offering more features to users including some sort of mobile integration.

That makes plenty of sense considering that the Japanese giant also happens to be in control of its own growing brand of Android handsets and tablets, not to mention that the competition – namely Microsoft – is also offering mobile integration to its Xbox buyers via various companion apps.

The PlayStation 4 gets official in a few short hours, but we have a new report for you that says the new console will be launched at some point in November and that pricing will be announced at the E3 event later this year. According to a source familiar with the matter, the console will come in two versions, priced at $429 and $529, although (obviously) pricing will be subject to change.

What’s more interesting to us, given that we’re covering mobile and mobile-related devices on a daily basis, is the PS4’s mobile capabilities.

The same source has told Kotaku that the PS4 will also be controllable via smartphone and tablet, something that doesn’t strike us as completely surprising in this “post PC” era:

New information revealed by our source suggests that on top of all that, you’ll also be able to control the PS4 remotely from your tablet or smartphone. You’ll be able to use a mobile device to chat with your PS4 friends or buy games which are then automatically downloaded to your machine, our source says.

But does that also mean that you’ll be able to use such devices to play games? We’ll have to wait and see what Sony announces later today.

Other PS4 details have also leaked, like a new online service that’s supposedly going to be called PlayStation World and a new feature, PlayStation Eye that’ll let users watch friends play games.

More importantly, there’s also a new PS4 controller in the works, one that seems to incorporate a touch pad of some sort in addition to the regular buttons and sticks you expect it to have.

The report doesn’t mention Android in particular when referring to mobile devices, but in case the PS4 will offer support for mobile, Android will definitely there. We’d expect Sony to be interested to support a variety of mobile operating systems, but at the same time, we can’t but wonder if it’ll include any sort of special features for Android smartphones and tablets, particularly Xperia-branded ones.