As Android users, we’ve got a lot invested in the Play Store. It’s our conduit for all things mobile, really. While we’re always quick to admit the shortcomings, like media selection and price thereof, we still feel pretty good about Google’s commerce site.

The infographic below shows some great stats, and honest comparisons. What jumps out most is the country-by-country breakout, as well as the ability to discover what you’re looking for with misspelled words. I was also a bit taken with the price points for apps via the app store. An app that runs you $999? Wow. That’s bold.

Of course, the real kicker is the first stat, which is revenue generated for developers. I’d think this points to purely paid apps, and not the “freemium” model, but it doesn’t specify. If this is all-encomapssing, that presents a real issue. Developers go where the money is, and rightfully so. The price point model Google has in place may serve to disrupt that revenue stream developers need.

For those security minded folks, it seems the two platforms are largely on par. The last little tidbit of info on the graph shows the security stats, which are pretty similar.

Check it out, and let us know what you think. It may give you some insight on your various frustrations with the Play Store, or Android development in general.

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