Google Glass FAQ

Google Glass is still a bit locked down with development, and has its own portal for obtaining apps. While the Mirror API is available, the experience is still limited to those who are Glass Pioneers or Explorers. They can develop and make their apps available to Glass users worldwide, but not via the Play Store.

The Play Store underwent an overhaul last night, and it may have implications for Glass users. It turns out at least one user has seen Glass show up on the list of possible devices you can load an app onto. I’ve gone ahead and tried to duplicate this, and wasn’t successful. I’m also not in the Glass program, so it would seem as though the Play Store is checking your account for Glass ownership, even though the option is greyed out.

The Play Store on Glass would be a strange experience, as it stands. It would be great to have the option to purchase apps and media via Glass, but navigating the Play Store on Glass would be impossible. Glass navigation is done by a series of cards and alerts, not scrolling over a web page. Users also don’t have the ability to select things on a screen, as android or web users do.

This could simply be a hint that once available, Glass apps will reside within the Play Store. It’s smart to have as much in one area for commerce as possible, as Google already has a number of “app store” destination points that encompass many of their services, and it can be frustrating.