Amazon vs Google Play

Amazon, though severely hijacked, is still Android. The walled-off ecosystem doesn’t lend itself to much outside interference, much less Play Store interaction. That makes for another hurdle developers have to negotiate before getting their apps onto the platform.

Some argue this is a benefit, as only the most diligent and therefore best apps make it to the Amazon app store. Others argue that most developers lose interest at doing extra work. Whatever the case, there is no arguing that Android is simply more popular, and widely used, than Amazon.

Case in point: app downloads. A recent study by Distimo shows just how disparate those numbers are. The study, which took place in the month of March this year, tracked overall app downloads, then compared the most popular on Amazon versus Play Store. While Amazon had some decent numbers, it got trounced by the Play Store.

In some cases, like Temple Run: Oz, the Play Store had over three times more downloads, and ten times more downloads overall. That same trend played out with paid apps as well as free, with the Play Store bringing in around $5.2 million to the Amazon app store’s $3 million. Almost across the board, the Play Store defeated Amazon.

The Amazon app store is pretty limited, and has the support from a much smaller audience. When considering sheer volume of devices, these numbers are given a bit of levity. Amazon is meant for the Kindle line of device, and while those sell really well… they’re no match for Android. With both phones and tablets, not to mention various other devices, Android should have the advantage. In fact, we’re starting to wonder why the gap was so close.