Android users can now live out their extreme racing fantasies on their phones with ATV Madness, a new 3D racing game from XLab Technologies. This developer built its name on games of this genre with such popular titles as Freestyle Craziness and Monster Truck Rally. The company actually started out developing games for iOS but has recently announced that it would be extending their reach to the Android platform. ATV Madness is their first release for Android.


The game has 12 different all-terrain vehicle models each with their own capabilities in power, maneuverability and braking. Then there are 5 extensive off-road tracks in which to compete. The goal is of course to manage the obstacles and be the top finisher but just like in other in extreme racing games, points are also awarded for exhibition skill. Once the player hangs in the air, he can then execute any of the 12 acrobatic maneuvers available. The fun is in figuring out the various key combinations to carry out these tricks. The hook is that the extra points unlock the ATV models and tracks.

As 3D mobile phone games go, ATV Madness provides a strong simulation of this extreme racing sport from a first-person perspective. XLab games have always been known to carry quite realistic physics engine programming and excellent animation. The game requires the handset to at least have a CPU running at 800 MHz, 344K of free storage space, and has Android 1.6 or higher installed. ATV Madness is available now on the Android Market for $5.65.

Via droidgamers