Sonos Player Google Play Music All Access 6 months

Updated on June 2, 2014: In addition to the 6 months of free Google Play Music All Access deal below, buying a Sonos PLAY:3 or Sonos PLAY:5 wireless speaker from Amazon will land you a $50 promo credit, which you can use to buy other items from the online retailer.

We have seen a good number of deals for Google Play Music All Access since its launch, and Sonos has decided to get on the bandwagon. From now until July 5th, the purchase a new Sonos player will get you 6 months of free Google Play Music All Access.

Sonos may have been gearing toward this deal for a while now, it was over a month ago that the ability to cast Google Play Music from your Android devices directly to the Sonos player was added, as if it were a Chromecast device. Not to mention an integration of the two services in the other direction, allowing Sonos to search through your Google Play Music library and send your music over to Sonos speakers via the Sonos Controller app.

Sonos has little competition in the mobile friendly music receiver/player market at this calibre. Most other music players require either Bluetooth, or even a wired connection to operate, and few of those are a multi-speaker setup. Sonos manages to operate wirelessly and can sync your music to all connected Sonos players in your home. Competition that we have looked at includes Phorus, we even gave away some of their gear last year, and Beep, which is a newer startup by some ex-Googlers.

We have been given no indication as to certain Sonos models that are included in the six months free Google Play Music All Access deal, but we have been told it is available through Target, Best Buy and online through Amazon. Sadly, this deal is for new customers of Google Play Music All Access, I hope all of you existing users got in on other deals and free trial offerings.

Make sure you head over to the Sonos website to check out all the particulars and see if you can get in on the deal.

Is $60 worth of free Google Play Music All Access enough to entice you to buy into the premium priced Sonos ecosystem?

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