Google Play Music

For Chromecast fans, one of the coolest features is the ability to stream your Play Music content straight to your TV. If you are an All Access subscriber (and why wouldn’t you be? It’s awesome!), the casting functionality just gets better.

Some users have experienced issues with Play Music Chromecasting, which has prompted Google to update the app. My own experiences until the update were negative, as Play Music would often refuse to play a song or “radio station”. Even halfway through the radio stream, it would refuse to play songs, effectively crashing the service. It would often stall playback, even without Chromecasting the music.

Since the update, things have improved. In testing several scenarios that gave me trouble before, there seems to be no issue now. Play Music All Access continues to remain my music service of choice, and the responsiveness to issues like this is a big part of that.


Although a minor update, the newest one for Google Calendar is an important one. This newest version syncs notifications across all devices, rather than seeing older notifications on your tablet when you start it up hours after you saw the same alert on your phone.

This keeps the feature many use in line with other Google services that sync notifications, like GMail and Google+. Another welcome change from the crew in Mountain View.