What if you can play a rather dated board game through an Android phone? Software technician PCDev tried to find the answer to this question by developing RealMaze, a modification of the Demokit app specifically used to play Labyrinth using an Android phone and a Google Demokit. Labyrinth is a board game where the objective is to lead a small ball to the end of the maze and avoid holes by tilting the board.


PCDev had to reconstruct the board first by attaching a servos to the Labyrinth board. The servos is then connected to two lever arms, which will tilt the board horizontally and vertically once the game is on. Attached to the servos is the DemoKit, which serves as the bridge between the whole board game system and the Android phone.

To start playing through the Android phone, it must recognize the DemoKit. Go to the DemoKit app, and using the sliders onscreen, you can already control the tilting motion of the board. RealMaze however takes a step further. Using the Android phone’s motion-tracking ability, the player can now guide the ball through the game by just tilting the phone. Here’s a short video demo from PCDev himself:

RealMaze however is not available for download, so if you are not too geeky to tweak those apps, you might want to settle for the DemoKit app and be content with controlling the maze through the sliders. Or, you might want to just download Labyrinth on your Android phone, where you can completely bypass all the geeky stuff.

via PCWorld


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