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Weekly Plan Spotlight: Get an LG G5 for under $220

Sprint and Ting are currently running promotions for the LG G5 that let you snag this 2016 flagship at a significantly reduced price!
June 6, 2017

The LG G5 was one of the major flagships of 2016, and right now two carriers are offering this baby for significantly less off the usual price.

If you’d prefer to buy your device up front rather than pay month to month, then Ting is currently letting you snag the LG G5 for $239. Use this special promotion button below, and they’ll knock another $25 off, meaning you get it for just $214.

You’ll probably be interested in grabbing a decent plan to go with your new device, and Ting’s 4GB plan is $60 per month.

Considering the Big 4 carriers are still charging between $480 and $680 upfront for an LG G5, $214 is a pretty slick offer.

The Big 4 carriers are still charging between $480 and $680 upfront for an LG G5

Now, if you’d rather pay for your device in installments over time, then you’ll probably like this offer from Sprint.

If you buy the LG G5 upfront from Sprint, you’ll pay $688. However, if you pay in monthly installments over 24 months at $14.36/mo, then you’ll end up paying just $344. Half off their list price ain’t bad!

You pay nothing up front.

Considering Sprint’s Unlimited data plan is just $50 per month, this is a pretty stellar deal for the heavy data user. Click the button to check this offer out!

Want to see these two offers lined up head to head? Get the full breakdown comparison below: