Google Pixel 4 Flex Lease

You can save big on either the Google Pixel 4 or the Pixel 4 XL this week with a Sprint Flex Lease.

The idea of a lease may seem odd at first, but it’s easy to warm up to the savings from Sprint. You may not own your phone, but that makes it just that much easier to upgrade the next time you want to upgrade.

So how much do I actually save with a Flex Lease?

If you’re going to take the plunge into the land of leasing, you have to save a good chunk, right? The Google Pixel 4 retails at $799, or costs about $33.30 with monthly payments. This special deal saves you $18.30 per month in the form of bill payments, so you pay just $15 per month for the duration of your lease.

In addition, the larger Pixel 4 XL retails for $929, or costs $38.71 per month. You can start your Flex Lease and save $18.71 per bill to make your Pixel 4 XL just $20 per month for the 18-month lease.

All you have to do to lock up the savings is add either device to your plan with a new line. The bill credits will kick in within two payments.

What other benefits does Sprint offer?

Google Pixel 4 Flex Lease

New unlimited plans are all about the perks, and Sprint offers plans that go far beyond just talk, text, and data. The Unlimited Premium plan enables you to add Hulu, Tidal, and more streaming options without extra cost or headache.

Also, since you don’t own your phone through a Sprint Flex Lease, it’s just that much easier to upgrade to the latest and greatest device at the end of your lease.

Check out the big savings on Team Pixel at the widgets below.

$20 .00
Google Pixel 4 XL
Save $18 .71
Buy it Now
Google Pixel 4 XL Buy it Now
Save $18 .71 $20 .00
$15 .00
Google Pixel 4
Save $18 .30
Buy it Now
Google Pixel 4 Buy it Now
Save $18 .30 $15 .00

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