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Plan Picks: Galaxy S10 Plus and iPhone SE on Sprint Flex Lease

Save big on the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and new iPhone SE on Sprint right now.
April 20, 2020
Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Home screen

Plan Picks is back with some great new savings on Sprint Flex Leases. You can go big with the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus or cutting-edge with the new iPhone SE.

The first option, and best price, is the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus for free. That’s right, zero dollars. Isn’t it great when new phones come out? It almost always means great savings on slightly older devices.

Why lease the Galaxy S10 Plus?

It might not seem as exciting to grab the previous generation of Galaxy devices now that the S20 is out, but think about the benefits. You may not own your Galaxy S10 Plus with a Sprint Flex Lease, but you can still take advantage of Galaxy Forever. That means you can upgrade to the latest Samsung device every 12 months while avoiding the full retail price.

The Galaxy S10 Plus is free, but you don’t get to leave the store and forget about paying altogether. You do have to add a line of service and you’ll actually receive bill credits in the amount that your phone would cost but still! You’re getting a powerful device at just the cost of your plan.

You will most likely see the $35.42 monthly cost on your first bill or two, but then your credits should kick in and you’ll receive back-credits to make up for the first few months.

Did someone say iPhone SE?

Apple iPhone SE 2020

Yes, the brand-new iPhone SE is also available at a great price with a Sprint Flex Lease. It’s still in the preorder phase, but you can ensure that you’re one of the first to have the latest iPhone and pay just $5 per month.

The same Flex Lease rules apply where you won’t own your phone and the lease lasts for 18 months. However, that means you’ll be in a great position to upgrade to the latest device or pay off the remaining balance on your iPhone SE.

Check out the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and iPhone SE at the widgets below:

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