Samsung Galaxy S10 Prism Green camera detail

Plan Picks is back with the newest edition of a Sprint Flex Lease. You probably have the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S20 to thank for this one because you can grab the Samsung Galaxy S10 now for free.

Great, isn’t it? The shiny new phone gets announced and now you can save big on the powerful Galaxy S10. The Flex Lease details make this whole deal even better too.

Why lease a Galaxy S10?

It’s true that you won’t own your device with a Flex Lease, but you can still take advantage of Galaxy Forever. So not only are you saving the full $749 retail price, but you can upgrade to the newest Galaxy every 12 months.

Now, the phone is free, but it’s not like you can leave the Sprint store and never pay again. You do need to add a new line of service and you receive the phone through bill credits during the lease. Basically, all you pay is what your plan costs, but without a plan, you would just have an expensive paperweight.

Also, you’ll see the original monthly cost of $31.25 on your first bill or two, but the bill payments will fully refund that after no more than two cycles.

But wait, there’s more!

Samsung Galaxy S10e vs Samsung Galaxy S10 display

If you love the Samsung Galaxy S10 family, you can also save big on the rest of the phones in the line. Now, they aren’t free, but it gives you the power to choose. You can grab the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus with 128GB of storage for just $15 per month. Also, the Samsung Galaxy S10e is just $5 per month with either 128 or 256GB.

The same rules apply for adding a new line of service and using Galaxy Forever. You can check out the details and upgrade at the widgets below.

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