If you are a fan of strategy gaming on your Android device, you might want to take note: Ndemic Creations’ Plague Inc., already popular on iOS devices, is now available for download in the Google Play Store.

Unlike a lot of games, the goal of Plague Inc. isn’t to save the world. Actually, it’s the complete opposite: ¬†your goal in the game is to wipe human kind off of the map. This won’t be easy, however, as they will constantly be coming up with ways to fight your plague, so you’ll need to help it evolve if you want to stay on top.

Plague Inc. boasts 10 different disease types, over 50 countries to infect, thousands of “world events,” and hundreds of traits to use as you evolve your pathogen. The game also features save/load functionality, scoreboards and achievements.

Though Plague Inc. is already a complete game, there is more content on the way. The developers have stated that they plan to update the game with a new plague type soon, and that they “have lots more cool stuff planned! (think Zombies).”

The trailer for Plague Inc., embedded below, is actually from the point of view of the “enemy” in the game–the people you’re trying to infect. While it doesn’t show any gameplay, it does give you a good feel for the general atmosphere of the game.

Plague Inc. runs on Android 2.1 and up, and is available as a free download in the Google Play Store. It maintains a 4.3 out of 5 rating, and with over 1,000 ratings already, that’s a sign that people seem to be enjoying it.

Are you planning to give Plague Inc. for Android a try, or have you already downloaded it? What do you think of the game?


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