Pixel Press

A few weeks ago, we reported on a really interesting kickstarter campaign which allowed users to create their own game by simply drawing it. With Pixel Press, users draw the level out on graph paper, scan it with the camera, and then play it on their mobile device. The upside is huge. The downside was they weren’t supporting Android initially, and their stretch goal for doing so was exceedingly high.

We usually don’t get behind an iOS kickstarter, but when I spoke to the Pixel Press team, they were really excited for Android. They were starting to see potential in the openness of the platform, and pointed to things like Ouya and the recent update to Play Games as benefits to Android development. “Android really is the best platform for this” one of the developers told me.

Today, via a Reddit AMA, the developers behind Pixel Press announce they have lowered that original Android stretch goal. The threshold for Android support was originally $350,000 after the $100,000 kickstarter goal. The feedback from Android fans was clearly loud and well received, because that stretch goal is now $125,000. With 24 days to go, and about 70% needed to make it happen, Pixel Press needs our help to make this one a reality.

You can pledge as little as $1, but the $25 is my favorite option. A pre-printed sketchpad, and a playable Android character? Yes please!