With hundreds of friends in your Facebook account, you sometimes find it hard to keep track of your friend’s latest photo uploads. Searching for a single picture from an ocean of photos will surely suck your time. But, don’t fret.  The Android Market has an app that instantly finds your friends’ pictures fast and easily.

The Pixable app is a virtual organizer for photos shared by your Facebook friends. This app sorts out and ranks your photos according to popularity and your favorites photos. You can view top pictures for the day, keep track of your friends’ pictures, view Facebook photo albums, and a lot more directly on your Android device.

The Pixable app brings the following features:

  • ranks and organizes your friends’ photos
  • follow your friends to stay updated with the latest pictures they upload
  • like and leave a comment on your friend’s picture directly on your mobile device
  • receive notifications when your friends upload or leave a comment
  • automatically syncs with your Facebook account
  • easily navigate and view pictures by flicking the screen left or right
  • share pictures to Facebook with just one click

When launching Pixable for the first time, you should allow it to grant access to your Facebook account.  It will then take you to the app’s main homescreen which is divided into three tabs: My Feeds, Friends, and Everyone.

All your pictures uploaded in your account are located on the My Feeds tab. Your pictures are also grouped into categories such as the most recent pictures, the most popular, liked photos, and pictures you have commented on.

Tapping the Friends tab allows you to search your friends on Facebook. Tapping a friend’s name displays all his/her photos on Facebook, or you can tap Follow to keep track of your friend’s latest photo uploads.

The Everyone tab lets you view the most popular pictures on Facebook. Tapping a picture displays its description, comments, tags, and the option to share it on the Internet.

The Pixable app is currently in its alpha stage of development and still needs some improvement. You may notice the app to be a little bit slow. Nevertheless, the app is usable and is ready for download from the Android Market. Let’s just hope that it will be fast enough and be able to connect to several social sites once they update the app.

Download Pixable app for free from the Android and keep up-to-date with your friends’ latest pictures.

Do you use Pixable to discover photos on Facebook?  What do you think of its features?

Alvin Ybañez
Android is arguably the most flexible mobile operating system. Period. I'm extremely passionate about helping Android users around world get the most out of their Android devices by writing how-to guides and tutorials.