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PIPA Touch: fingerprint security for your smartphone

PIPA Touch brings biometric security to your smartphone with the brand new wireless fingerprint scanner integrated into your phone cover.
December 12, 2012
PIPA touch logo

There are various ways to keep your Android phone secure from prying eyes, PIN numbers, lock patterns and even face recognition, but unfortunately fingerprint locks have only ever been limited to laptops. That is until now! Thanks to the clever people working on the PIPA Touch biometric security system we’ll soon have an even more secure and convenient way to protected our precious smartphones.

PIPA Touch is a wireless fingerprint scanner integrated into your phone’s cover, allowing you to unlock your phone simply by pressing your finger on the scanner on the back of your device. Although they currently only have covers designed to fit the iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5, and Samsung Galaxy S3, the device will technically work with any smartphone which uses Bluetooth.

This system works with your phone by linking your scanned fingerprint to a 16-character alphanumeric passcode, when your press your fingerprint to unlock your phone, the scanner wirelessly enters the stored passcode into the device, granting you access. So essentially you have the security benefit of a 16 character random password without the hassle of having to remember it, which is pretty clever.

PIPA phone

The developers also want to expand the idea of biometric security into the PIPA Wallet, which can tie your credit card details for online transactions to your fingerprint, and PIPA Passport so that you can identify yourself with nothing more than a phone and your finger.  I’m not sure I’d feel entirely comfortable being tied to my phone in quite that way, but I suppose we already have similar ideas implemented in contact-less credit-cards and biometric passports.

The development team are currently fundraising to help get this product out onto the shelves, so if you want to help PIPA on their way to the $100,000 fundraising target then head over to Indiegogo before January 03 2013.