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Pioneer introduces three HTC Connect wireless speakers

June 29, 2012

Merely days after the introduction of HTC Connect, the Taiwanese take on wireless audio streaming, the first few devices that are compatible with HTC’s certification program have been revealed. If you’re guessing Pioneer Electronics, you’re spot on. After all, as we reported a couple of days back, Pioneer was the first company to commit to releasing HTC Connect certified audio and video receivers and wireless speakers.

The three Pioneer wireless speakers are the SMA1-K, SMA3-K and SMA4-K models. All three support WiFi Direct and DLNA, and are compatible with AirPlay as well. They all have a range of about 300 feet.

The A1 and A3 models come with front capacitive touch controls, USB, aux-in and LAN ports. The A3 is the designated outdoor party speaker though, as it has a rechargeable lithium ion battery pack that can provide up to five hours of audio playback. It also has a water resistant matte finish and covered ports. Opting for the SMA4-K model out of the bunch will get you a bigger subwoofer and a 5-driver design.

The SMA1-K, priced at $299, will hit stores in July, while the SMA3-K will come a month after that for $399. The SMA4-K will also be going for $399 when it ships in August.  Note that they are compatible only with HTC One Series phones. If you want more bang for the buck, the $299 Nexus Q is just right around the corner, but unlike the three Pioneer models, it won’t have Andrew Jones’ seal of approval.