When you really need a fashion statement to be made, you’re not exactly reaching for your tablet. Well, it seems Pierre Cardin is planning to change that. Although the French fashion company maybe facing a few technical stumbling blocks.

The second Android tablet from the company, the Pierre Cardin PC-7006 tablet is touted as the “UK’s first designer tablet.”

A 7-inch tablet that looks pretty enough, it’s probably not going to be an iPad killer. Powered by a Samsung Cortex A8 CPU, it runs at a respectable 1GHz, but unfortunately is saddled with Android 2.2. Yes, Froyo is in the driver seat for this one to the detriment of any purchaser. The tablets other specs are that it comes with 512MB of RAM and 4GB of internal storage, though you can up that with a microSD card to 16GB. It is also supposed to handle 3G and WiFi connectivity. However, it seems that the 3G support is actually more of an optional choice, with the purchase of a separate dongle to actually use the feature.

Rounding out the specs are a 1.3 megapixel camera, a mini USB port and a HDMI port. Aesthetically, the tablet looks pretty good though. The design is clean and simple and it weighs only 520 grams. It also is the perfect size for holding in one hand, with the dimensions of 195 x 123 x 14mm. All of it comes wrapped in a solid looking leather case and gift box.

So if you want a fashion statement and have £275 to spend, hop on over to the Pierre Cardin website and pick one up.

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