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First picture taken with Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom posted online (by mistake?)

The first picture apparently taken with Samsung's rumored Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom has made its way online. You can check it out in the rest of the post.
May 13, 2013
Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom
Samsung Galaxy Camera

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom looks more and more like a real product, as the first known picture allegedly taken with it has been posted online by a Samsung employee.

Shahriar Hossain has posted a very common picture – a building on a sunny day – on his Google+ page that would have probably gone unnoticed under regular circumstances. That is, if one of his friends on the social network wouldn’t have snooped through the image’s EXIF data, noticing that it had been taken with a device called Samsung SM-C101, as you can see in the screenshot below.

samsung galaxy s4 zoom

SM-C101 is the model number of a device that has recently been seen at the Bluetooth SIG, and which is thought to be the much-rumored 16-megapixel Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom. The fun part came when Niels Zomer (the name of the person noticing it) asked about it. In turn, Hossain asked him how he knew, which does sound like a confirmation.

A look through the EXIF data reveals, as Sam Mobile has noticed, that the picture has been edited with Snapseed, confirming that the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom runs Android, as previously rumored.

The Samsung employee didn’t deny it afterwards either, but it would be pretty interesting to know whether this was an intentional thing, designed to keep the discussions about the device going, or just a slip up. Fact is that the picture, which you can take a look at below, does look pretty good, but it’s certain that the camera can do much more in terms of resolution than the 1920 x 1080 this image has been taken at.

samsung galaxy s4 zoom

It will be interesting to see if more images taken with the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom surface in the weeks to come, before the device is made official.

Are you looking forward to getting a Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom, when it comes out?