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Pichai confirms next Android to be previewed at I/O! Release in the fall

According to BusinessWeek, Sundar Pichai has confirmed plans to preview the next major version of Android at Google I/O 2014.
June 24, 2014
Android l release screenshot (2)

As Google I/O marches closer we expect plenty of exciting news, but it was less certain if or when we’d hear about the next version of Android. Earlier today we saw the first possible screenshots of the so-called L release of Android, and yet it was still unclear whether Google I/O would be able to tell us more.

Now in an interview with BusinessWeek, Sundar Pichai has let the cat out of the bag. Yes, the next major Android release will be unveiled at I/O 2014, alongside a formal unveil of Android Wear and so much more! The catch here is that, while it will be shown off, it actually won’t arrive until the fall in a similar fashion to how iOS 8 was shown off ahead of its actual release.

So why this major change in strategy? Its about a shift towards greater transparency

So why this major change in strategy? According to Pichai, in part its about a shift towards greater transparency. “I want the world to understand what we are doing sooner,” says the Google exec. We also imagine that with Quantum Paper, Hera, extended Google Now support and the dozens of other changes anticipated with Android 5.0 (or 4.5?), it’s important for Google to adjust us to some of these changes ahead of time. Bottom-line, Android is about to make a massive leap forward this year and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

With this new announcement we also find it pretty likely that the claims of a fall release for the rumored HTC 8.9-inch tablet could be correct, and that this new tablet will likely be the launching platform for a whole new direction for Android.

For the full interview article you’ll want to head on over to BusinessWeek. Excited yet? We are!