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Deal: Learn to be a photography pro for just $12

Learn how to take pro photos with the Photography For Beginners Bundle. You can pick up $1,000 of training for just $12 now.
March 22, 2020
The Photography For Beginners Mastery Bundle

Thanks to smartphones, anyone can be considered an amateur photographer nowadays. Whether you’re looking to make a career out of snapping shots or just want to up your Instagram game, today’s photography deal can help.

Whatever your experience, the Photography For Beginners Mastery Bundle can help you progress to the next level. It’s subject to a massive price drop this week, made even better by a promo code.

Nearly every publication in the world, print and online, needs captivating photos. We use dozens a day at Android Authority, and there’s good money to be made in this profession either as a freelancer or as a full-time gig.

Photography For Beginners Mastery Bundle Courses

This bundle walks you through the fundamentals of professional photography via five learning kits. From basic composition techniques and visual language of photography, all the way to advanced artistic techniques. There’s even a dedicated kit for teaching you how to handle a DSLR like a pro.

Once you’ve taken your photos, you’ll also learn how to edit them to make them even more stellar. Through practice and refinement, you’ll eventually compile a stunning portfolio to impress friends and recruiters alike.

The Photography For Beginners Mastery Bundle:

The individual learning kits are worth over $1,000 combined. It’s on offer for only $19.99, and the promo code SPRINGSAVE40 slashes that price again to just $11.99.

We’re not quite sure when the promo code expires so hit the button below to begin.

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