Building an Android application first, then creating a counterpart for iOS is said to be more difficult than normal, but the people behind Lightbox Photos for Android is doing exactly this.

Unlike photo-sharing newcomers Instagram and Path which are both run only in iOS, Lightbox takes the Android-first stance. “Android is going to take the market position of where Nokia is today,” said Lightbox CEO Thai Tran. “Android phones will, within two years, be just as cheap as the non-smartphones you buy today.” Tran further explains that Android users are offered with inferior applications compared to counterparts offered to iPhone users. Case in point: Color, another photo-sharing app, was not at par with its iOS version and thus pulled out from the Android Market. Tran then hopes that Lightbox set the mood for high quality Android apps.

Lightbox, in fact, does not disappoint. You can use it to take your photos, alter them using ten built-in filters, and upload them on Facebook, Tumblr, and Foursquare. The app works even without network connection, so it automatically uploads a photo queued for online sharing. It also syncs photos from the Lightbox library to your other Android devices with Lightbox installed in them.

Its social networking capabilities are not limited to uploading. Once you have connected your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Foursquare accounts to it, it automatically downloads the latest 200 photos uploaded by your friends and prepares them in a stream for your viewing with or without Internet. You also have the option to retweet, comment, or like photos, which will be queued and performed the moment you are connected to the web.

For the most important part, Lightbox neither claims ownership nor intend to sell the users’ photos. They recently clarified the said part in their Terms of Service, as posted on their Twitter account.

See what you can do with Lightbox in this demo video:

via Mashable