Facebook integration has become a must for almost everything connected to the web, intended to gain leverage from the millions of people viewing the site at every tick of the clock. Thousands of users post their latest status, videos, and most importantly, photos.

Ironically, Facebook itself or any of the Facebook applications found on the Google Play Store don’t support a feature to easily upload a lot of photos. This is precisely the niche that Photo Saver tries to serve, giving you a decent and simple photo upload and backup application on your Android device.

Photo Saver is a fresh Android app which allows you to easily upload and back up your photos to Facebook. All it takes is a single tap and the app works its magic for you, eliminating the hassle of selecting numerous items for data backup or upload. It’s also nothing more than simple and functional, having a nice and easy-to-use interface that every user will be able to use effectively.

You can also enjoy privacy when you use Photo Saver. Upon backing up or uploading your photos, the app stores them straight to a specific photo album in a Facebook account instead of storing them on a cloud storage service. That photo album’s privacy setting is automatically set to Private, preventing anyone from sneaking even the smallest glimpse of your private photos.  Later on, if you wish to share your private photos to your friends, you can simply adjust the privacy and visibility settings of the album containing your uploaded photos.

You need to authorize the app to access your Facebook account to enable the service. This app doesn’t require complicated set up procedures. Once you have allowed it to access your account, just choose quickly between the New Upload Photos or All feature and you are good to go. Choosing the first option makes the app backup only the latest camera photos while choosing the latter will backup all the existing photos on your Android device.

Aside from being a great photo uploading tool and a back up alternative, the app also has a few simple but handy features. For instance, when doing a backup, the app provides you with a photo back summary, keeping you apprised of how many photos were already backed up as well as the duration of the last backup. To know whether the app has done its job, it has a built-in web browser so you can take a peek.

The only weak point in using this app is that backing up a lot of photos can take too much time and it only supports JPG files. Nonetheless, this could still come in handy and it’s totally free for your Android device. You can download Photo Saver free from the Google Play Store.