Owning an iOS or Android powered device seems to be one of the most in things today and a lot of people are choosing to take pictures with such devices rather than taking out their digital cameras to use.


Snapping photos with such handheld devices can be fun and convenient, but the task of archiving each picture can be daunting and test the most out of your patience. While sending files to the nearest photo processing establishment is one of the most feasible solutions that you can do, having your photos developed by their photo printing machines can be pretty expensive, plus take into account the amount of gas your car consumed just to deliver and pick-up your pictures.

The good news is, there is always an available DIY solution for picture and Android lovers. The Century APRI photo printer is specifically designed for iOS  but it can still be used for Android devices with its dedicated Android app. Keep in mind that this nifty photo printer will be useless with your Pre3 or TouchPad if you fail to install the correct webOS app.

The only downside for this cute photo printer would be that it is incapable of producing a printing solution higher than 300×300 dpi therefore, making the APRI photo printer much more of a toy rather than a professional device.

via Ubergizmo