Phones are pretty expensive things so you’re probably doing your best to make sure that you don’t lose yours. However, sometimes we really can’t help it if our phone gets stolen or misplaced. So what does a hapless smartphone owner do? Well, if you had installed RVO’s smartphone locator beforehand, you’ll be able to find your phone in a jiffy.

PhoneLocator Pro may seem to be your ordinary anti-theft/loss app, but it has some features that go against the grain – this can make it a must-buy or must-not-buy for prospective user.

Let’s start with the price tag of the app first. Costing €1.99 (or about $2.84), it’s a one-time payment and you’ll immediately be able to install the app quickly. No jumping through hoops and stuff. This leads directly to what makes is different. Most phone locator apps depend on an online interface and without one, the app depends on your e-mail or another phone from where you can receive info and send commands. SMS commands are the foundation of the app so tablets won’t get supported, unlike some other apps that have crossover appeal. The other thing that SMS commands require is that they have a keyword trigger in each message to confirm the command is legit.

So let’s get to the heart of the app’s capabilities. First of all, it has the standard location feature. An SMS message sent to the phone will get a response about where the app is located: GPS coordinates, speed, battery level, and altitude, etcetera. Next is the nearby feature. If you lost your phone at home, you can just send off a message and the phone will ring for you. It can also display personal info if you lost it in somewhere far away and want it returned. A screen lock feature is also available, although it’s still a bit glitchy. Hopefully it gets patched soon.

Additional features include being able to remotely wipe your data via SMS. You can also have this automatically done after a series of unsuccessful unlock attempts.A call log function is also included. This lets you receive a report of recent calls made on the phone and where the phone was located. Finally, the app can be hidden so as to be undetected by anyone. To reveal it you have to send the reveal keyword via SMS.

Overall, it’s a pretty decent app and a nice option for just a couple of Euros. It’s still a bit buggy and dependent on SMS, but these can be hopefully remedied in the future.

Source: Android Police

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