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PhoneJoy Play: a universal gamepad for smartphones

PhoneJoy Play is a new gaming accessory by PhoneJoy, which is currently seeking investment at funding site KickStarter. The accessory aims to convert your Android powered device into a handheld gaming console by adding console like gaming controls. Thanks to its slider mechanism, the accessory is compatible with a wide range of devices.
December 4, 2012

Every now and then a new Kickstarter project comes under the spotlight that makes it compelling for viewers to invest in it due to the wow factor that accompanies it. One such project aims to turn your mobile device into a classic handheld gaming console.

The latest gaming accessory for Android devices by PhoneJoy called PhoneJoy Play is now seeking investors. PhoneJoy Play will support a wide range of devices thanks to its slider mechanism that makes it easily resizable.

When closed, PhoneJoy Play just looks like an average gaming controller, but the real magic starts when you pull apart its two halves and place your device between them. PhoneJoy Play is compatible with any smartphone, including the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, whether it is in landscape mode or portrait mode. No matter what device you have you will be able to use this accessory by simply adapting it according to the size of the device. When fully stretched PhoneJoy Play becomes 255mm wide. It is 37mm thick and can hold a device that is not more than 153mm wide.

PhoneJoy Play has all the buttons you would find on a console’s controller. For games, PhoneJoy is providing a SDK for developers who can integrate their games with the controller. For existing games that are available in the Play Store the device allows users to configure the controls and play right away after connecting their device.

PhoneJoy Play has already received $3,338 of its $50,000 goal from 63 backers, with 29 days to reach that number. You can book one PhoneJoy Play for yourself by pledging $50 right now (440 slots out of 500 were still free at the time this article was written). If the project ends successfully the units will be shipped to those who have contributed in April 2013.