image_88Not so long ago we posted a piece detailing an application by Electric Pocket called Ringo. Well the UK based firm have just announced the arrival of their latest Android application; PhoneFace. PhoneFace has been around for a while for other OSes, but now Android users can experience the app first hand. In short, the application is effectively a tunned-up speed-dialler, allowing users to call a number by clicking/tapping on a picture of the contact. The clever part comes in next. The pictures are updated automatically from either Twitter or Facebook, so you always have the most recent picture of your contacts. Obviously this affords users of PhoneFace a wonderful selection of images that they can pick from for their contacts photographs. Not only can the user pick the image for the contact, but the contact can pick the image for themselves.

Aside from this neat feature, PhoneFace on Android also offers a “Map” option, “allowing users to quickly locate their contact’s address, and even get directions from the current location.” We love this kind of combined functionality.

“PhoneFace is a light and breezy speed-dialer aimed at helping anyone reach out to their friends and family more quickly with their Android smartphones,” said Iain Barclay, Electric Pocket’s co-founder and Chief Product Officer. “It’s so much easier to look for a familiar face than sort through hundreds of names in a directory.”

If you want to pick up a copy of PhoneFace, you can grab one from the Android Market Place for just $0.99 or directly from –  Sounds like a good idea to us!

James Tromans
Contributing editor of, based in the U.K.