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New Phonebloks video talks about collaboration with Motorola

A new video by Phonebloks' founder goes into a bit more detail about collaborating with Motorola and what they believe the future will bring.
October 30, 2013

Motorola recently unveiled Project Ara, a modular handset that will allow users to switch out old components for new. In it’s current form, the project is merely an experiment, but it could someday lead to a level of phone customization that will make even the Moto Maker seem laughable.

In order to popularize the idea, Motorola plans to work with Phonebloks, a company that recently revealed its own modular phone concept.

So what’s next for Project Ara and Phonebloks? In a new video, Phoneblok’s founder Dave Hakkens talks a bit about their collaboration with Motorola, and what exactly they intend to do going forward.

The long-term goal for Phonebloks is to create an active community that will allow folks to speak out about what they want from a modular device. On Motorola’s part, the company promises to develop the platform in the open. Motorola will also actively monitor the feedback provided by the Phonebloks community.

Project Ara is an amazing idea, but there’s still a lot of unknowns, such as how much a phone with modular parts would really end up costing us. There’s also no guarantees that Motorola’s Ara will ever make it beyond the early prototyping stages.

At least it’s good to know that if such a modular platform ever does become a reality, it will be built with around an open concept that allows true freedom and flexibility in a similar way to software platforms like Android.

How do you feel about modular phones, are you interested or do you think that such a device will prove too impractical?