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In failed attempt to save his phone, man spends six hours with hand in toilet

What happens when you drop your phone into the bathroom? In the case of one man who tried to rescue it, apparently the end result is being stuck with your hand in the toilet for hours.
June 6, 2014

While technology makes our lives easier, it also does a great job of enslaving us. In the name of always being connected, most of us take our phones everywhere. That includes to the bathroom.

Back in 2012 we reported on a survey that suggested 87% of Android owners use their phones while on the toilet — a number that we imagine still holds pretty close to true today. Of course, taking your phone to the bathroom puts you at way more risks than just passing along some new germs.

Case and point: a man from the Jiangsu province in China learned a hard lesson recently about dropping your phone into the toilet. In many cases, you drop your phone and odds are it’s dead anyway. But what happens if you have a particularly strong attachment to your phone? In this man’s case, he went after it, sticking his phone down the squat-style toilet and getting it stuck in there nice and deep.

As you can imagine, not only was this situation embarrassing, he even had to be saved by rescue workers. In total, the man spent six hours with his hand stuck, and ended up with at least a few nasty cuts in the process. For those wondering, the man was eventually reunited with his phone, but it was obviously less than functional by that point.

We’ll leave the scene to your imagination, but if you’re really curious to see more, you can take a look at actual photos from the incident via the Daily Mail. We really feel bad for the guy here as that’s no way to spend your afternoon, though it’s certainly a cautionary tell for the rest of us.

The morale of this story is simple: if you feel the desire to bring your phone with you to the bathroom, hold on tight. And if you drop it? Analyze the situation before diving in. Odds are you’ll be needing a new phone regardless of what move you make.

So now it’s time for a little honesty. Have you ever used the phone in the bathroom, or do you do so regularly? I’ll go first: yes, yes, I have.

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